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Water Based Interior Paints

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Water-Based Exterior Paints

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Water-Based Exterior Primers

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Acrylic Sealant
Exterior Paste

Acrylic Exterior Paint

Description: Water-based emulsion paint for interior and exterior wall finish.

Usage Area: Thin coating for interior and exterior facades of the buildings, can be applied over concrete.

Physical and Chemical Properties:

Appearance: Opaque
Color: any color can be produced in the required and appropriate.
Solid Content%: 63.0 + 1.0
Density: 1.45 g/cm3
pH: 7.5-10.0
Viscosity: 85 KU
Coating Area: 0.150 kg/m2 (one coat)
Drying Time (20  C): Touch Duration: 1 hour
Full Cure Time: 10 hours

Application Features:

Method of Application: Brush or roller applied.
Application: Infrastructure sound, clean, free of grease. New plaster socket
Thanked must be dry. Gaps and cracks in the surface Yasan
Should be filled and leveled with putty.
The prepared surface with Yasan Acrylic Primer (0.150 kg/m2)
Coated. Yasan Acrylic Exterior Paint is applied as the final layer.
Thinner: Water
Lining: Life Acrylic Primer
Fire Hazard Class: None
Harmful to health: None
Storage: The material must be protected from frost and excessive sun.



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