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Water Based Interior Paints

Latex Paint
Moonlight Plastic
Silicone Paint (ANTI MOLD)
Super Celing Paint
Ultra Lux Plastic

Water-Based Exterior Paints

Acrylic Exterior Paint
Decorative Plaster
Flat Yasasil
Yasasil Granied

Solvent Based Exterior Paints

Flat Yasalite
Yasalite Granied
Yatex Roll
Yatex Spray

Water-Based Exterior Primers

Acrylic Binder
Acrylic Primer
Yasasil Primer

Solvent Based Exterior

Yasalite Primer
Yatex Primer
Yatex Primer (CLEAR)

Oil Paints

Alkyd Primer
Lux Oil Paint
Mat Oil Paint
Satin Oil Paint
Synthetic Oil Paint


Epoxy Thinner
Synthetic Thinner
Thinner Yasalite
Thinner Yatex


Acrylic Sealant
Exterior Paste

Internal and external wall coatings and paints lifelong Production, Sales and After Sales has been serving the construction sector following factors.

Technical Directorates of Istanbul-Ankara-İzmir and Antalya regions and related technical Subsidiary engaged in the sales and implementation. Paint the necessary technical equipment and knowledge for the implementation of lifelong Technical Directorates, the paint is configured to overcome all kinds of problems.

Yasan Paint Acrylic, Silicone, Alkyd, Pliolite and synthetic-based product can be used for interior and exterior surfaces, and easy to apply paint materials offers on the market. In addition, in response to the problems created in the construction industry with a production capacity of paint in any color paint production.



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